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Headpiece wedge cushion standard

Headpiece wedge cushion standard

Complete with plug in base to secure position in face hole of table.

The wedge shaped piece of foam is covered in vinyl to match the colour of the table, with a protrusion, which fits in the face hole to stop it slipping. It supports the patientís head and shoulders comfortably, and firmly, to an angle of 15 degrees from the horizontal (standard size). It is vastly superior to a pillow because of its wedge shape, and also, because it is covered in vinyl, it does not absorb massage and body oils. It can also help alleviate any feeling of nausea and vulnerability that some patients feel when laying flat without support for the head. Most patients are normally more relaxed with the head slightly elevated when lying on their backs, and this in turn helps to relax the muscles of the stomach contributing to the effectiveness of massage in this area.

Beauticians often purchase the headpiece as an alternative to the more expensive adjustable headrest tables, but it is equally useful for any modality involving work on the face and head. Beauticians and reflexologists who want their patientís back and head to be more elevated sometimes use the larger size with an angle of 30 degrees.

Dimensions: 15 degree slope - height 11cm x width 66cm x length 59cm.

Vinyl colours: Available in all stock vinyl and protective vinyl ranges. Shown in Opal.

Note:If you have orderd a table with accessories, we will provide the vinyl covered accessories in the same colour as the table.

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Price $88

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Protective Coated Vinyl

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